More than just
an e-commerce platform

GrandNode is the best open source e-commerce platform at the market. It's also the most advanced ASP.NET ecommerce. Unbelievable? Check it!

Open source e-commerce platform

GrandNode is the most advanced and the best open source e-commerce platform built on the newest version of .NET Core and MongoDB. It's the most advanced ASP.NET ecommerce, available to get for free. The highest code quality, combined with the detailed testing approach and with a pinch of a huge number of features is a recipe for success. No more need to create store with enormous number of third party plugins, rely on the widest range of implemented functionalities at the market. 

Cross platform

Take advantage of one of the most important advantages of .NET Core and develop GrandNode on any operating system. Deploy your stores on Mac OS, Linux or Windows.

Open Source

GrandNode is open source e-commerce. Availability of the highest quality code gives you unlimited possibilities during the store creation.

Developer focused

GrandNode is based on Mediator. Fundamentals built on SOLID principles guarantee the highest quality code. Everything is strongly tested in real time.


Due to many optimization and performance changes GrandNode is faster than the majority of e-commerce softwares.

Multi features

Multi vendor, multi tenant and multi store configuration has never been so easy. Extend it with multi currency, multi language interface and create advanced selling portals.


GrandNode can be a perfect tool to create a cross channel business. Combine possibility to create products, auctions, reservations or online courses with REST API and cross platform mobile app to create highly advanced systems.

GrandNode demo

Still don't convinced? Check the newest features of the best open source e-commerce platform on the market! Use the account provided below to fully check the GrandNode's work.

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Premium Support

Direct support from the core GrandNode team, professional and swift migration. Premium support subscription is a perfect choice for developers with tight deadlines, the highest priority projects. Our qualified support team will navigate you through installation process, customization and configuration of your store.

Outstanding support

96% of customers positivly reviewed our support services and will recommend our consultants to their customers in the future. Our staff cut teeth on GrandNode, so you can be sure that the services are irreplacable.

Easy migration

Complete migration, preceded by detailed analysis from any kind of e-commerce platform. Drop us a line and get details about premium migration tools. Migrate your database of products, customers, orders and continue your journey with us!

Custom development

Custom code delivered by internal GrandNode developers guarantee the highest code quality and solutions that fully solve your challenges. You can rely on us even on the most advanced customizations and projects!

Advanced Integrations

The most popular & well known payment gateways, shipping providers and marketplaces. All premium integrations are collected on our official marketplace!

Mobile App

Mobile Application is available now! Users can share your products directly from your app to email, messenger, social media profiles, and many more.


Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift, or Java you can do in C# with Xamarin. No more need to develop in many languages, just code one app for each platform.


As long as you receive the source code of the mobile app, you are free to make any kind of customization! Each industry is different, so get the best out of GrandNode mobile app


Native app uses the full potential of your device, which gives you the possibility to stay ahead of competition and give a much better user experience than on mobile websites.



The best way for developers. Just give us a star, fork our repository and start code! Choose issue or feature, fix or create it and send us pull request!

We were searching for a store engine that was flexible, customisable and open-sourced, with no need of having everything covered by plug-ins . We've tested several PHP-based technologies and came to the conclusion the language itself isn't very well suited for such projects .We've tried nopCommerce, but SQL Server, which was underneath, seemed overweight. Then we've stumbled upon GrandNode. The choice was quite obvious. Required a significant amount of work, to make it look and work as we wanted, but it was worth it.


We were looking for an eCommerce solution that was created in .NET Core technologies to fit into our ecosystem. We found and trusted GrandNode, and we now recommend it. Due to the fact that it is open-source, and a commercial company is responsible for the development, we do not worry that we will be left with a closed, non-extensible solution in 2 years.

I was looking for an auction system that I could implement for my customer. GrandNode proved to be the best .net ecommerce platform, on the open source software market. The system's capabilities exceeded my expectations. GrandNode is an advanced e-commerce platform on which you will create, among others, an efficient online store, auction system, reservation system or e-learning platform. I highly recommend GranNode, it's the best solution for e-business.

Wojciech PiankaMasnet

GrandNode is a good platform with a lot of features include out of the box without change all backend, you could base your business on it and introduce your branding pretty easily... If you're more a player, you could include everything you want by using their plugins philosophy (for payments, widget, shipping, etc..)


GrandNode is a very intuitive platform. In the case of any questions, you receive the fast, professional and clear response and priceless support in incoming challenges. The cooperation which I can totally recommend for everyone!

Dominika Wilczyńska-Leś

Sure thing I would recommend GrandNode. If you’re looking after e-commerce software for your shop and don’t want to go with insecure and bloated Magento, Prestashop or other things glued together in PHP (juck!) which will give you headache from constant CVEs and failures then this thing is for you (remember: it’s .NET Core!). If you need to add some features – you can, maybe not in the plug-and-play fashion but it’s doable alright in reasonable amount of time. Oh and it’s open source and free, which is a value on it’s own in era of hosted solution with “best value” monthly subscription fees.

Jakub PileckiStrange Fog Studios

Fastest eCommerce platform on market! Our online users and customers are stunned with NextArt speed. We could insert millions of products and images in our system with no impact to the system performance! Lots of free plugins which means that you don't have to purchase tons of external plugins like it's in different e-commerce software. Using default theme we could use the power of minimalism in our UI design.


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