Wtyczka integrująca GrandNode z jedną z najpopularniejszych metod płatności - Przelewy24. Rozszerzenie umożliwia bardzo proste, intuicyjne i szybkie połączenie GrandNode'a z nową metodą płatności.
The first Paya integration new payment solution for GrandNode. Give your customers a choice and implement Paya payments in your store. Grow your business with secure, easy to install integrated solution tailored for you.
Integrate your store with PayPal Payments Express Checkout. Important thing in the store is to offer many kinds of payment methods. You can't limit your customer into one payment method.
Generowanie listów przewozowych Fedex dla GrandNode. Prosty widżet, który umożliwia tworzenie listów przewozowych dla Fedex za pomocą jednego kliknięcia.
GrandNode payment plugin for integration with Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments. When your customers want to purchase goods in your store, they will see Klarna button in shopping cart. They will be redirected to special checkout page with filled addresses. Or in the Klarna Payments, they will see a proper checkout step in GrandNode checkout.
Improve your promotion system with this discount type for GrandNode. This plugin will allow you to implement new types of discounts in your store - Buy 2 items, and get 1 for free.
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