We create solutions of the highest quality.

GrandNode is the brightest point on the map of e-commerce solutions. We are a group of young, engaged people, passionate about e-commerce and programming. It gives us the possibility to create a fantastic platform for creating online stores or marketplaces. We are strongly connected with the community and we help the open source ecosystem by sharing our code and ideas.

Our story has started in 2015 when we have decided to create our independent e-commerce solution. We have found a niche on the e-commerce platform market and created the first e-commerce platform based on .NET and MongoDB. It was the beginning of a fantastic journey. In December 2015 we have released a first beta version of a fully working solution.

In January 2016 we have released a first stable version of GrandNode. We have started with version 3.60. Since the beginning, we had a clear vision of the platform. We have a few crucial points, on which we are focused since the first commit in our repository.

We wanted to create the most advanced and the most complex solution dedicated especially to developers. With the advanced solution, each developer is able to provide a tailored solution, even for the most demanding users.

To globally spread the word about GrandNode, we have created the solution partnership program. During the first year of the partnership program, we got 29 solution partners. The crucial moment for us was the end of 2019, when we have signed a partnership with our first platinum partner.

Meet our Team

Krzysztof Pająk

He has created the entire GrandNode migration by himself. Currently the main developer and contributor of the GrandNode. Supervising the quality of our All-in-One e-commerce platform. Member of the .NET Foundation. The evangelist of application performance, who works every day to make the application faster than the day before.

Grzegorz Onyszkiewicz

Patryk Porabik

Patryk is a part of GrandNode since its beginning in 2015. He is responsible for the marketing of GrandNode. He is also a customer support specialist, who is always helpful and is able to solve many problems. Patryk is responsible for the development of the partner network. Outside of work, he is a husband and a father. In his free time, he is absorbed by fishing, especially fly fishing, and fly tying.

Daniel Żuławski

Front-End Developer – at GrandNode he is responsible for creating themes, our internal websites and commercial custom projects of our customers. In his free time, he likes to go hiking and plays drums.

Dominik Kucia

At GrandNode, he deals with: plugin development, especially integrations with external systems (such as Allegro) and integrations with payment gateways. He is also responsible for the mobile application development. His passion is programming and traveling.

Jakub Tymuła

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