Advanced Multi Seller Marketplace

A GrandNode plugin to give customers the possibility to upload plugins to your store without being a vendor. The plugin adds a new tab on My Account page which allows them to upload products with predefined values.

It's a friendlier and a much easier way to create a marketplace. It's a perfect way to create a multi-user marketplace, where everyone can place offers. It's also a great start to create simple marketplace, which can be easily extended by custom development in the future.

  • Add products by customers,
  • Ability to contact the seller,
  • Customers do not get access to the administration panel,
  • Predefined product creation page

Available configuration for products:

  • Display SKU
  • Display MFP
  • Display GTIN
  • Display Price
  • Display DisableBuyButton
  • Default DisableBuyButton
  • Display CallForPrice
  • Default CallForPrice
  • Display AllowCustomerReviews
  • Default AllowCustomerReviews
  • Display Category
  • Display Manufacturer
  • Display AvailableDays
  • AvailableEndDateTime
  • Display admin comment
  • Ship separately
  • Enable shipping
  • Product template
  • Simple product
  • Display stock quantity
  • Default Management Inventory Method
  • ManageStockByAttributes
  • Default value - Published

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Supported versions: 4.70 , 4.80
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