GrandNode is the best shopping cart solution based on MongoDB. The developers of GrandNode perfectly know what are the benefits from the use of Big Data. Big Data is used to collect and organize information about customers. Use of this informations is guarantee to increase sales, better understand customer preferences.

Big Data is nothing else than a system, which is collecting and organizing informations about customers and your visitors. Main objective is to get as much as possible informations and organize them to get knowledge about actual trends and customer behaviors.

Big Data as a source of valuable information

Nowadays, the number of online stores is growing from year to year, each store owner needs to expand its offer, adapt it to the newest trends in order to be able stand out among the growing competition. In this case the key is in the collected informations. We can collect them from many sources:

- Social media - nobody deny that now Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are a very good and valuable source of much informations. Attracting new people, who follow us results that we know their interests, ideas, only to later use this to create specified and adapted with them offer.

- Analytics - tools that automatically collect informations about our users and the effect can be examined on the created graphs.

- CRM - managing contacts with our customers. Supplementing the basic type information as age, sex gives us the ability to customize offers to target groups, in conjuction with data from Facebook, we can see which age groups are the most interested in our products, which are not interested in them at all and on this basis promotional action.

Probably you are wondering how it is possible to gather as much information, organize it and taking care on GrandNode to functioning efficiently and securely? In fact, without the best tools it would be hard, with the rescue comes NoSQL and database MongoDB.

Why investment in Big Data is so important?

We can compute hours and the list can be very long.

- Getting to know customers, their behaviors, actions, decisions made, preferences.

- reducing the cost of advertising, investment only in the one that will be the most effective for us

- increase popularity and recognition of our store

- knowledge abour competition, know their strengths and weaknesses, use and analysis that will give measurable benefits in terms of more effective marketing activities

- adjustment of the offer to the consumer data, reduce the probability that the products will not be purchased

Taking into consideration the above listed benefits why store owners would have to give up the chance to improve their situation on the market? Most of the companies money is spent on merchandise, advertising, on the SEO in one single purpose - increase sales, profits.

Start your shopping cart today with GrandNode!

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