Dziennik Zmian

Znajdujesz tutaj całą historię archiwalnych wersji GrandNode. Jeśli chcesz dowiedzieć się w jaki sposób GrandNode zmieniał się na przestrzeni lat, spójrz na oś czasu poniżej.

GrandNode 4.60

Aktualizacja do ASP.NET Core 3.1

Usprawnienie funkcjonalności B2B

Usprawnienie zarządzania cache i farmy serwerów

Dodanie możliwości tworzenia kursów (e-learning)

Modyfikacje domyślnego szablonu

Dodanie zarządzania generic attributes

Pozostałe zmiany:

  • Add Facebook Pixel
  • Add commission rate for vendors
  • Add new customer action event - paid order
  • Allow to adjust price when product attribute is related with associated product
  • Add new message template for "Out of stock" in attributes combination when quantity is below 0
  • Hide "Send PM" button on Customer edit page, if PM are disabled
  • Add possibility to choose warehouse on products
  • Make flag text localizable
  • Add possibility to publish/unpublish topics
  • Add possibility to search by store on bulk edit product search
  • Add date ranges in return requests search
  • Minor changes in RoxyFilename
  • Add pagination on Customer Roles window
  • Prevent to store SEO URL with lowercase characters
  • Add 3DS support for BrainTree payment plugin
  • Add possibility to view posted reviews in My account -> "My reviews" section
  • Improvements with calculate shipping rate based on selected warehouse
  • Change the error message after saving empty coupon code/gift card field
  • Add search to Countries list
  • Add support "Images services" for Raspberry Pi
  • Changes in Redis Cache configuration
  • Activity Log - added 'Message' field to the search form
  • Add new settings CookieSecurePolicyAlways
  • Add rating and price to the autocomplete search
  • Add possibility to manage discounts/promotions by staff
  • Add possibility to manage blog by staff
  • Changes in bestsellers generation (New hidden setting: Choose bestsellers from X months)
  • Deactivate gift cards after canceled of an order
  • Paypal plugin - Add support to send multi currency
  • Add new tax setting "Get country by IP address"
  • Minor improvements to generate thumbnail for pictures
  • Add possibility to convert picture to WEBP format
  • Add more widget zones
  • Minor changes in Slider plugin
  • Add new notification for update product stock
  • Combine two tabs (Personalized Products and Individual Product Pricesinto single one
  • Set primary currency for auctions
  • Send AskQuestion to vendor
  • Remove WwwRequirement Attribute - Redirect www to non-www or Redirect non-www to www - should be implemented by Url Rewrite
  • Add async tasks to cache
  • Deletion of use EngineContext
  • Allow to admin owner to edit currency rate / Add new field Currency code on the order details / minor changes in displaying amounts
  • Shorten the name of the field on the product collection (IsTelecommunicationsOrBroadcastingOrElectronicServices to IsTele)
  • Improvements in the source code
  • Remove own Anti-forgery token validator - and use standard, coming from ASP.NET Core
  • Minor fix with Add to cart wishlist items
  • Add StoreId field to the blog comments collection
  • Add StoreId field to the news comments
  • Add razor runtime compilation library
  • Move middleware/startup class to separate folder
  • Move widget model to memorycache
  • Allow to save PersistKeys in Redis
  • API Authentication Service (allow to use more schemas based on JWT bearer token)
  • Rework ReturnRequest Controller
  • Add new events notification - mark as authorized/capture order/void order/void order offline
  • Add handler for notification (mediator) in the OnActionExecutionAsync on the Controller
  • PictureService - change of the image management library from Magick.NET to SkiaSharp
  • Add new setting: PluginShadowCopy
  • Add new field OwnerId for Customer and Order
  • Remove Grand.Data project from solution (moved files to Grand.Core.Data)
  • Minor changes in solution (remove Presentation folder)
  • Add Korean language pack for installation
  • Bootstrap Upgrade - upgraded bootstrap from 4.1.1 to 4.3
  • Remove unused Project Reference in the plugins
  • Move push notifications routing to separate file
  • Remove GetControllerType method from IPaymentMethod
  • Remove unique index from the order number field

Naprawy błędów:

  • Fix - Send contact us form when captcha is enabled
  • Fix - ASCII characters not enforced in product SeName/slug
  • Fix hardcoded HTTP schema
  • Fix - Wishlist share link not working correctly
  • Fix - Admin-Dashboard-DateFilters are not working
  • Fix warning on dashboards screen caused by moment.min.js
  • Task "Delete guests" - do not delete system customer account
  • Admin panel - fix partially refund online
  • Fix - Records don't show in the shipping by weight table
  • JWT Token AuthenticationFailed should return 401
  • Fix - Sales/Orders - Product filter does not work
  • Using "filter=contains" in WebAPI yields no result
  • Fix problem with order message template for vendor
  • Exporting customers is having issue with Country
  • Multi level menu not working in mobile phone
  • Checkout form is disabling when only one payment method configured

GrandNode 4.50

Przepisanie aplikacji, by wykorzystywała tylko metody asynchroniczne

Dodanie tworzenia kont Managerów sklepu

Dodanie Progressive Web App - PWA

Odświeżenie panelu administracyjnego


Pozostałe zmiany:

  • Add BrainTree payment plugin to the solution
  • Add Google External Authentication to the project
  • Add support for Webp files
  • Add support second picture on catalog pages
  • Allow back in stock subscriptions - for attribute combination + modify the back in stock subscription window
  • Add new tokens to message templates
  • Allow store owner to show new products on home page
  • Add support for video in TinyMCE
  • Add possibility to assign products to blog post
  • Add custom error page to the project
  • Add possibility to manage display order for homepage elements
  • Add error notification and send button in interactive form as a token
  • Add possibility to set default country in store
  • Add NBP exchange provider
  • Add newsletter category field to newsletter subscribers import/export
  • Add new tag helper for support tabs in admin panel
  • Add new permision - Customer role
  • Add possibility to select default sorting on category pages
  • Add possibility to manage tier prices via Web API
  • Extend Web API to support the PUT and PATCH requests
  • Allow store owner to install missing permissions
  • Icons Changes - changed way to load icons
  • Move shopping cart and wishlist to independent component
  • Change the way of adding topic elements in the footer - include in 3 rows, instead of 3 columns
  • Create tab "Reports" in Admin Panel
  • Changes in permission for some reports
  • Combine "Related Products", "Similar products" and "Cross sells" tabs
  • Add notification when administrator provide non existing sku in “Go to product with SKU” filtering
  • Implement the MediatR
  • Remove the Fluent Scheduler from the project #530, implement BackgroundService (standard features of core)
  • Add missing resource strings
  • Add support for responsive images
  • Add hidden settings to prevent read file
  • Add primary store currency to the order collection
  • Prevent encode some data in kendo grid
  • Add Product SeName token to OrderItem Liquid Drop
  • Change the way to read the crawler
  • Add CustomerNavigationModel to account_navigation_after zone
  • Rename class to StoreContextMiddleware
  • GetShoppingCart added to eleminate many same linq queries
  • WorkflowMessageService - get actual data from customer entity
  • Register controllers as services
  • Removed required for CustomValue
  • Remove cache from LoadSetting
  • Add ParentCategoryId to CategoryModel
  • Update tinymce to version 4.8.3
  • Rework payment method fee information on checkoutAdmin panel - Add Validator for email field during customer creation
  • Add missing widget zone
  • Further improvements - "Out of Stock Quantity" message when manage inventory method is by attributes
  • Move BaseODataController to Grand.Api project
  • Simplified name (productviewmodelservice)
  • Custom address attributes if required, prevent to call return request
  • Prevent deleting item if item has already been shipped
  • Prevent delete gift card if was used
  • No need to use AddAutoMapper()
  • Minor changes - changed place of display shopping links
  • Prepare new interface to allow prepare new validators (IValidatorConsumer as a extensions)
  • Roslyn - Update csx sample files
  • Add new field "StoreId" to the Shipment Collection
  • Added admin widget zones for tabs
  • Admin panel - add missing validation for add/edit customer address
  • Update Google Analytics configuration step
  • Refactoring IOrderProcessingService - prepare order
  • Extend Product price model - add preferred tier price and applied discounts

Naprawy błędów:

  • Fix problem with site crashed when moved to the RTL locale (with HTML minification enabled)
  • Fix problem with HideReturnRequests setting
  • Fix problem with customer creation flow
  • Fix problem with an error occurred while deserializing the decimal property
  • Fix report "Best selling products” for vendor account
  • Fix problem with missing checkboxes and radio buttons on interactive form
  • Fix problem with add new cross sells product
  • Fix problem with product attributes predefined values deletion
  • Fix export categories/manufacturers to excel (add result)
  • Fix notification about send order cancelled to store owner
  • Fix problem with "Subscribed on" date on Newsletter Subscribers page
  • Fix message campaign - products with attributes in shopping cart
  • Minor fix - admin panel - search by title in topics
  • Minor fix - check if product combination exists when create shipment - prevent exception
  • Fix problem when current bid doesn't convert to current currency
  • Fix problem with updating Warehouse Stock via Web API
  • Fix problem when order cancelled, multiwarehouse didn't remove the reserved quantity
  • Fix problem with remove order from downloadable products section if order is deleted
  • Fix applied discount (coupon code) per store
  • Currency rates doesn't take base rate into account
  • Fixed problem with Newsletter subscribers creation date on Linux servers

GrandNode 4.40

Dodanie Web API OData - RESTful API

Zmiana systemu szablonów wiadomości - dodanie DotLiquid

Odświeżenie domyślnego szablonu

Usprawnienia dot. konfiguracji w farmie serwerów


Pozostałe zmiany:

  • Implemented ACL mapping model
  • Added MongoDB Queries Editor
  • Refactoring of controllers/services in admin area
  • Added support for reCAPTCHA v3
  • Allow store owner to set data in the default store time zone (now you don’t have to set the date in UTC time)
  • Changes in store mapping
  • Added localized extensions
  • Changed a way to register settings
  • Implemented one file cshtml to support store mapping
  • Tag helpers improvements in admin panel
  • Moved order reports to new Reports Controller
  • Added new shipment controller
  • Improvements with automapper
  • Refactoring admin panel permissions
  • Removed unnecessary enum
  • Changed ViewComponents as a async method
  • Improvements with Product Tags
  • Update to NET Core 2.2
  • Save popular search keywords also if customer doesn't press "Search"
  • Redesign of administration review response
  • Extensions for payment methods - Changes in calculating payment fee (in percentage)
  • Replaced current EmailSender reliance on System.Net.Mail with MailKit
  • Added health check
  • Added confirmation popup after pressing Delete setting
  • Added new appsettings.json setting - Allow to recompiling views on file change
  • Add discount requirement type SubTotal in Shopping Cart x.xx
  • Minor changes - project references
  • Allow store owner to save orders in pdf binary field. New setting AttachPdfInvoiceToBinary resolves problem with run "Send emails" task in web farm
  • Further changes - allow to run application - inprocess
  • Replaced filename from _AddToCart.cshtml to _PopupAddToCart.cshtml
  • Added new fields to store – company email and company opening hours
  • Added information about SSL scheme in admin panel
  • Added setting „AllowRecompilingViewsOnChange” with True/False option to appsettings.json file
  • Removed Views and Areas/Admin/Views folders from compiled version of GrandNode. App is using theme views or views compiled in DLL file
  • Removed Google+ field from the project
  • Added StoreID to Customer entity
  • Minor change - Prevent if product specification is null in search
  • Added categories for blog post
  • Added search for blog post
  • Added validation for empty comment in knowledge base article
  • Moved interfaces to separate catalog in Grand.Web, Grand.Api project
  • Removed unnecessary IHttpContextAccessor from Views
  • Implemented WebMarkupMin library to minify HTML
  • Added OldPriceValue to ProductOverViewModel
  • Changed format for currency rate
  • Removed SubscriptionService
  • Extended localization middleware
  • C# language feature updates -> Controllers - Replaced single line methods with expression bodied members
  • Added support for Let's Encrypt (to verify domain via HTTP verification)
  • Set size of default picture after "remove" function in Picture editor template
  • Minor changes with security headers
  • Redis cache improvements
  • Refactoring of WebHelper
  • Removed double loading of the assembly Grand.Core
  • Extended currency service - added new methods - GetPrimaryStoreCurrency/GetPrimaryExchangeRateCurrency

Naprawy błędów:

  • Fixed problem with display order of product attributes. It didn't affect on public store
  • Fixed problem with full text search
  • Fixed problem uninstalling resource strings
  • Fixed problem with hiding checkout attributes if condition require to hide it
  • Fixed problem with discount on categories in admin panel
  • Fixed problem with newsletter categories display order not saved on public store
  • Fixed problem with saving shipping restrictions by country
  • Fixed problem with calculating unit price without discount including tax
  • Fixed problem with shipping restriction per customer role not working
  • Fixed problem with auctions - Auction products disappear from cart when user click the remove button on another products
  • Fixed problem with time on My Account -> Auctions section and email message
  • Fixed problem with auctions - when auction ends without bids, schedule task didn't end up the auction, as a solution added new message template Auction Expired for it.
  • Fixed problem with picture gallery in the grouped product
  • Fixed problem with Input Tag Helper which was rendering duplicate checkboxes
  • Fixed problem with translate in the Banners
  • Fixed problem with wrong generated robots.txt
  • Fixed problem with shopping cart controller, re-display the page with warnings
  • Fixed problem with catalog selectors
  • Fixed problem with discount gross price on the shopping cart
  • Fixed problem with saving push notifications settings
  • Fixed problem with test - SettingService
  • Fixed problem with ingored individual product prices when tier prices are added to product
  • Fixed problem with doubled extensions for pdf order file

GrandNode 4.30

Improved search engine and admin search

In this version we've modified the search engine in the store. This feature includes changes in public store and admin panel. On public store we’ve improved the results dropdown. Before the 4.30 version, in autocomplete window you were able to show just the products. In GrandNode 4.30 you will have results from Categories, Manufacturers, Products and Blog posts. Example of the new search engine work will be shown in the independent article on our blog. Admin search is a highly customizable feature. You can define which parts of store should be included in the results. You can change also the display order of the results. You can search for the settings, blog posts, products, categories, menu elements, etc. To support the new feature, a new „Admin search settings” menu element has been created.

Improved product reviews system

Product reviews are available now on the product page and quick view popups. We have decided to simplify the process of reviewing products by customers as much as possible. We have also facilitated the presentation of product reviews to your clients. If the customer adds review about the product, it automatically appears on the product page in a special tab. So you can easily highlight your products strenghts.

Implemented Roslyn compiler

From the GrandNode 4.30 you can use the Roslyn compiler in your store. It's a huge advantage for each developer. Out of the box, it comes with the two examples of use. The first is zip code validation, we've created it for Poland zip code, but it can be any zip code mask. The second is a simple script which add new token to the message template.

Remaked return requests system

We know that the return requests system was a little broken, we've finally decided to remake it. It's not just change in the design. We've modified the whole process. In the new return request system, you can specify the return pick up address and return pick up date and it's configurable setting.

Improved Bootstrap Slider plugin

As you may know, out of the box you are able to use the Bootstrap Slider. It gives you possibility to create a slider on the homepage of the store. Now, we've go further. You can create a sliders on categories and manufacturers pages. On each slide you can add URL link.

Rest of changes:

  • Added notes on customer
  • Added support language collation during installation
  • Add "Category icon" field to categories
  • Use a reverse proxy server - for nginx added new settings UseForwardedHeaders
  • Added new tag helpers (script - asp-location / resources)
  • Tiered Compilation set on true
  • Added setting „Show featured products on homepage” for categories and manufacturers
  • Added new field Unit price without discount in order and shopping cart page
  • Added new social media links to footer
  • Coupon code in gift card should be required
  • Minor changes - manufacturers sorted by display order and name
  • Minor changes in breadcrumbs – added scope
  • Added possibility to store Source URL Referrer for each customer
  • Added contact form on products
  • Added cross-sales products to add to cart confirmation window
  • Added "Show/Hide Filters" button on Products, Orders, Customers lists and Add products pop ups
  • Personalize products per customer
  • Current Shopping carts/Wishlists combined into single page
  • Added possibility to import images from external URL
  • Added possibility to leave comments in knowledge base
  • Added hidden settings SeoFriendlyUrlsForPathEnabled
  • Removed SmoothProducts js, implemented jQuery Zoom
  • Added possibility to show additional shipping charge on product page
  • Added possibility to show „Not returnable” information on product page
  • Increased request form limits to 2048 value because in some cases default value (1024) is too small for this action
  • Redesigned customer collection
  • Improved discount amount provider
  • Replaced insecure method „Random number generator”
  • Added button delete item in flyout cart
  • Shopping cart is handled by Ajax now
  • Minor changes in the display of discounts in the shopping cart and order
  • Removed unnecessary code from web.csproj
  • Minor changes in Grand.Web.csproj
  • Update third party libraries to latest version
  • Moved some inline scripts to file.
  • Minor changes - replaced method Collection.Indexes.CreateOneAsync to Collection.Indexes.CreateOne
  • Removed unused usings
  • Minor changes in sitemap view
  • Minor changes – code pattern
  • Minor changes in installation settings
  • jQuery updated to the newest version
  • jQuery UI updated to the newest version

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem with display order in knowledge base
  • Fixed problem with calculated price (during use discount with Maximum discounted quantity)
  • Fixed pagination on Add related article pop up in knowledge base
  • Fixed authorization for vendor (admin access)
  • Fixed File uploader on product page/contact us
  • Fixed problem with attachment URL in Order Notes
  • Fixed problem with time zone issue in Minimum Order Placement Interval
  • Admin panel - Added missing Antiforgery token
  • Fixed problem with encryption key - during installation should have 24 char
  • Fixed problem - "Visible individually" is ignored when "Show on homepage" is checked
  • Minor fixes - Grid styling in product attributes tab
  • Fixed Unit Tests
  • Fixed problem with show the image attribute on the product
  • Fixed hints in admin panel
  • Fixed reload list of plugins
  • Fixed problem with duplicating product pictures on quick view popup
  • Minor fix - checkout new billing address/shopping cart validation

GrandNode 4.20.1

Improved performance and reducing used memory by application

New version of GrandNode comes with the reduced used memory by application. As you may noticed, after .NET Core implementation, application consumed a very large amount of memory, inadequate to the actual consumption. After analysis, we found an effective solution to the problem. The implemented changes have reduced the amount of used memory to ~ 200mb, which means more than 50% reductions in the resources used. From the point of view of our users and programmers, due to reducing the memory used, the cost of maintaining the application on the server will drop significantly.

Bug fixes and modifications:

  • Extend repository mongodb - added async methods
  • Minor changes - renamed class
  • Minor enhancements - used attribute [FromService] in Controllers
  • Refactoring ShippingCartController/ProductController moved methods Add to cart to the new controller
  • Fix controller inheritance
  • Fixed problem with changing picture for selected attribute
  • Minor improvements (MongodbRepository)
  • Minor improvements - external authentication
  • Minor improvements - performance (changes in boot user-agent)
  • Encryption password (format hash) for login external
  • Fixed passing additional data to ViewComponent
  • Fixed problem wih Kendo grid and decimal type
  • Changed knowledgebase category display order
  • Minor improvements - admin panel - refresh plugins and restart application

GrandNode 4.20

Push Notifications

GrandNode works perfect for businesses that accept bookings in daily, nightly or hourly allotments. We've created a powerful reservation system, which can be used successfully in industries like:

If your customer is looking for the complete e-commerce sofware with booking system, here is the solution! 

More details are available in the features description.

Knowledge Base

In the newest version admin user will be able to create a knowledge base. It's independent page with a hierarchy of categories and assigned to them articles. You are able to limit categories and articles to ACL and store. It can be a great feature used to create FAQ section.

EU GDPR Compliance

In GrandNode 4.20, you will be able to meet all GDPR requirements without third part plugins. Below you will find the list of implemented tools, which will help you achieve its requriements:

- Possibility to export customer data
- Possibility to delete customer data
- Possibility to create a few consents (based on Newsletter categories)
- Export to xls / Newsletter subscribe - history of change

Contact form attributes

From 4.20 version admin has possibility to create a contact form attributes. This feature supports types of attributes listed below:

  • Drop-down list
  • Radio button list
  • Checkboxes
  • Textbox
  • Multiline textbox
  • Date picker
  • File uploader
  • Color Squares
  • Read-only checkboxes

Rest of changes:

- Added QuickView as a standard feature
- Update ASP.NET Core to 2.1 version
- Added new startup settings UseHsts/UseHttpsRedirection
- Implemented libraries with zoom on hover to product images
- Possibility to assign vendors to store
- Disable dates that are unavailable
- Improved import for products/categories/manufacturers
- Use HttpMethods instead of string comparison
- Allow to remove cart/wishlist items on customer in admin panel
- Allow store owner to reply for product reviews
- Allow store owner to hide some categories on category page
- Allow the store owner to assign a flag (and flag style) to the category, product, manufacturer
- Improvements in admin panel - changes in list
- Added tag helpers in admin panel
- Allow store owner to select theme of admin panel
- Minor changes with associated products/required product
- Added support Customer enter price for AddProduct Modal
- Added missing urls to disallow path in robots.txt
- Changes in Grand.Web.csproj
- Changes in the minification process
- Added hidden media settings - ImageFormatPNG
- Changed version of Kendo UI Core
- Improved Dashboard charts
- Removed reCaptcha 1.0 from settings
- Removed "Force SSL for all site pages" by default
- Show "Description" of newsletter categories as tool tip on newsletter subscription
- Reservation products - Made additional parameter always visible (if exists)
- Reservation products - Changed reservation info on order item
- Added field VatNumber to Address
- Improvements in token selection during message template creation
- Improvements in language flag selection
- Added "Checkout as guest" button to cart
- Added new Unit Tests
- Added reservation calendar limit
- Update Dockerfile
- Update NuGet packages / changed obsolete method
- Add missing resource string
- Removed unused classes

Bug fix:

- Fixed problem with import (Column IncludeInTopmenu)
- Fixed problem with picture import for manufacturer
- Minor fix - Admin (customer info/external auth)
- Minor fix - Admin - Checkout Attributes
- Fixed problem with password recovering
- Fixed problem - Assign customer to affiliate
- Fixed problem with adding products with text attributes to the cart
- Fixed problem with Country selection in Tax/Shipping settings
- Fixed problem with RichEditor in "Add new" topic window
- Fixed problem with Language change and SEO urls
- Fixed problem with display order on Interactive form values
- Fixed problem with display order on newsletter categories
- Fixed problem with tag saving on product
- Fixed problem with order created by recurring payment
- Fixed problem with updating specification attribute on the product
- Fixed problem - export customers to xls/xml (admin panel)
- Fixed problem - change language, when your setting SEO friendly URLs with multiple languages is enabled
- Minor fix - clear cache (category pattern)
- Fixed problem with gift cards
- Fixed problem - admin panel - OrderController - Go to order
- Fixed problem - admin panel - Download product (removed uploaded file)
- Fixed view in admin panel - "Values" in Color square Attributes section.
- Fixed problem with Add Order - Email reaction in Customer Action
- Fixed problem with QuickView - Reservation product
- Fixed CSS issues with checkboxes in admin panel
- Fixed problem with post pagination
- Fixed problem with SeNames (SEO) saved automatically for each language added
- Minor fix - upload picture to product (admin panel)
- Fixed problem with redirecting (when url contains special characters)
- Fixed problem - datetime field in admin panel

GrandNode 4.10

Reservation System

GrandNode works perfect for businesses that accept bookings in daily, nightly or hourly allotments. We've created a powerful reservation system, which can be used successfully in industries like:

Tours - Sightseeing sessions

Activities - Adventure trips

Rentals - Equipment or transport

Accomodation - Resorts, Inn, Campgrounds

If your customer is looking for the complete e-commerce sofware with booking system, here is the solution! 

More details are available in the features description.

Auctions System

From the GrandNode 4.10 you are able to create an auction. Set the start price, specify if users can buy now your product or not and start selling! You will see all bids, customers will see all auction ongoing or ended. It gives you a huge possibilities in creating a powerful marketplace or websites like Allegro or eBay. 

In the My Account section you are able to browse your bids, ended or ongoing auctions. 

Bundled Products (Product Kits)

Bundled products are the latest product management change in GrandNode 4.10. We've created a product type "Bundled" for product bundled packs. For example if you want to sell a Playstation 4 Package with console, gamepags, camera and games, it's not a problem for GrandNode.

Blog on homepage

We are convinced that the blog is one of the most important feature available on the homepage. In the content marketing era, it's a must have section of your online store. We knew that the news are available, but the news are the most wanted section now. 

Basically, you can show blog on homepage, specify how many items it should have and specify how many characters homepage text should contain. 

Rest of changes:

- Change the way of importing manufacturers and categories

- Update default theme from alpha to beta version of Bootstrap

- Qty on catalog pages

- Create new tokens for vendors in message templates

- Addresses fields on vendors account

- Added popper.js to the view of install and upgrade

- Update library EPPlus

- New popup after adding a product to cart/wishlist

- Improvment scheduled tasks - you can set on which machine the task should be run

- Add Data Protection

- Added new settings PreventHostingStartupKey - Prevent Hosting Startup 

(Prevents the automatic loading of hosting startup assemblies, including hosting startup assemblies configured by the app's assembly)

- Changed the type of decimal for serialization

- Possibility to change stores with the same URL

- Allow user to select store

- Add setting - Cart shared between stores

- Support virtual directory in RoxyFileman

- Implemented show category list in the search box

- Individual Customer Prices for Customer Role in Product Attributes Combination

- Added new field - Catalog price/ suggested retail price

- Product - Added new field "External Id" for programmers to integration with external systems

- Added "Host" directive to robots.txt

- Added PublicAntiForgery to the Login method

- Moved appsettings.json to App_Data folder

- CaptureStartupErrors set on True (Linux)

- Added url address for the load balancer - checks if server are responding (

- Implemented RedLock library

- Implemented new way for support culture (Localization)

- Added hidden settings SearchByDescription

Bug fixes

- Fixed problem with rounding while store has many currencies

- Fixed problem with Camel Case content folder

- Fixed problem with importing manufacturers

- Fixed - Uppercase (Install, upgrade view)

- Fixed - Missing hints in admin panel

- Added popper.js to the view of install and upgrade

- Removed external association on the customer info tab

- Fixed problem with non-ASCII chars in URL

- Fixed problem with generic attributes per store

- Fixed problem with pagination in customer tags

- Fixed problem with PayPal

- Fixed problem with serializer datetime

- Fixed problem with Login (after application restart)

- Fixed problem with rounding while store has many currencies

- Fixed problem with show logo on Plugin list (MacOS)

- Fixed bug - checkout as guest

GrandNode 4.00

ASP.NET Core 2.0 – GrandNode on Linux, MacBook and Windows

When Microsoft released ASP.NET Core 2.0 we’ve decided to implement it in our newest version of GrandNode. ASP.NET is an open source framework available on GitHub.

What’s the main plus? It’s cross platform. You can run GrandNode on Windows, Linux and Mac without problems! We’ve already tested it and it works!

More information about ASP.NET Core 2.0 are available here:

Changes in Discount engine

From GrandNode 4.00 you are able to calculate discounts by specified plugin. What does it mean for you? Each developer can create any kind of discount rule.

Discounts can be enabled or disabled by marking checkbox.

We've also decided to change the way of adding coupon codes. Now you are able to create multiple coupon codes in one discount. It's also possible to buy plugin which will automatically generate many coupon codes. 

Individual prices per customer

It allows you to assign individual prices to each products per customer. For example we have product XYZ:

Customer 1 has price 20$
Customer 2 has price 21$
Customer 3 has price 40$

It’s independent setting which can be specified in admin panel – Customer -> Individual prices.

Vendor system changes

From this version customers are allowed to write reviews for vendors. You can specify its description, image.

Amazon S3

To the GrandNode we've decided to implement Amazon S3 CDN. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It's simple to move large volumes of image data into or out of Amazon S3 with Amazon's cloud data migration options. Amazon S3 has a simple web services interface that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. It gives any developer access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. The service aims to maximize benefits of scale and to pass those benefits on to developers.

Marketing Automation - Customer Tag -> Products

We've made also some improvements in our Marketing Automation engine. From the newest version you are allowed to add products assigned to specified customer tag. So when your customer will have Customer Tag "Influencer", you can add products which will appear on their home page.

Rest of changes:

- Updates of third-party libraries
- Updates of tests
- Remove unused files
- Minor changes in admin panel
- A lot of optimization and performance upgrades

Bug fixes:

- Fixed allowed Qty dropdown in Public Store
- Specification attributes fixes
- Fixed „Export orders” feature
- Fixed problem with Boards
- Fixed problem with Discount Tab Info
- Fixed problem with newsletter category marking
- Deleting topic doesn't delete posts
- StoreScopeConfiguration is calling wrong route
- Can't view details of shipment

GrandNode 3.90

New default template fully based on Bootstrap 4

Theme is using Bootstrap 4 which offers exceptional shopping experience on every device. No more default GrandNode styles, template fully use only Bootstrap 4 what gives you possibility to easily create your own themes without problems and issues with compatibility with GrandNode. Theme creation never was so easy as with Bootstrap 4.0 Theme.

Accessibility is not the marketing babble. It's technical standard developed with individuals and organizations around the whole world. You may don't know but only in United States 57 millions of people (19%!) have disability issues. This number shows how important is to help them with website exploring. Current standard is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (in shortcut WCAG) 2.0. Examples of Accessibility solutions? Text alternatives for non-text content such as sliders, product images, also consistent navigation. More information about WCAG 2.0 guidelines you can find on official W3 site here:

Store performance is the most important thing in e-commerce industry. We know it, so our template meets all requirements in accordance with the latest web standards. It has almost 100/100 performance and speed rate on site performance tools and optimizers. It has been successfully validate by W3C, Wave and the most popular web accessibility and performance tools. Future is here.

Mobile is the future of nowadays e-commerce, so all stores, websites, blogs need to be compatible with smart phones, tablets. Our theme was tested with all the most popular devices and browsers. What gives you guarantee that this theme will be fully compatible with them.

Categories for newsletters

You are able to specify newsletter category. When customer will subscribe to the newsletter, he will be able to choose which category interests him, category A, B, C. Then you can export customers interested in specified categories and send them emails.

Interactive forms

Totally new feature which gives you possibility to create custom forms which can appear when customer made specified action.

Extended interface of shipping rate computation method

This new feature allows you to create new fields in shipping plugins. For example if developer wants to add in Shipping integration add field "Preferred hours of shipment" you can do it with this new feature.

Watermark support

From the 3.90 version you are able to add watermark image or text to your pictures in the store. You can specify where watermark should appear, specify its position.

Improved multi warehouse feature

In the newest version of GrandNode we've made some improvements. In the last versions when customer make an order GrandNode was calculating stock quantity from all available warehouses. From now you are able to select from which warehouse order should be send, if in used warehouse this product is out of stock, customer won't be able to order it.

Application forces an update

From the 3.90 version when you are making an update only one thing which you need to do is open store and if application will check that you have old database - press "Run upgrade". It ease up process of upgrading, so even beginners are able to make this process fast and without any issues.

Compliance with PCI DSS 3.2 Requirements

GrandNode Team puts the pressure on customers security. In the admin area appeared new settings.

  • Password lifetime - determine how long the password is active, after which time customer will be forced to change it.
  • Maximum login failures - determine after how many times failed attemps to login customer will be lockout.
  • Lockout time (login failures) - determine how long will customer be lockout.
  • Unduplicated passwords number - password must be unique. you can determine after how many password change you can duplicate it again.

Rest of changes:

  • Default items in top menu (new settings)
  • Added new plugin Shipping Point
  • Possibility to set order minimum numer
  • Moved „Contact Us” emails to message templates
  • Voting for posts
  • Add pingo.exe to the project
  • New tax setting: „Default tax category for product”
  • Cache static content by default for 24 hours (cacheControlMaxAge)
  • Stock quantity default value set to zero
  • Added a message token for custom customer attributes
  • Allow customer to apply multiple discount coupon codes
  • New library ImageProcessor
  • New type of condition: Unpaid orders in Customer Reminder
  • Changes in Event Publisher
  • Polls: ACL for polls, Limited to stores and languages for polls answers
  • Add new tokens: RecentlyViewedProducts.Products and RecentlyViewedProducts.ProductsWithPictures
  • Start end date to tier prices
  • Blog and news: New way for support multi language
  • Product reviews: Product can be reviewed only by customers who have already ordered it
  • Order: Hide the choice of payment method on checkout if „Use my reward points” is selected and points are enough to pay the order in full
  • Discount by vendor
  • Email sent to vendor should not be in the customer language
  • Improved campaign module: Added new conditions – customer role
  • SEO friendly URLs with Multiple Languages
  • Do not allow to remove required produts from the cart
  • Hide downloadable product tab if customer don’t have any
  • Payment method description
  • Customer reminders levels new option – add minutes
  • URL Referrer for Customer and Order
  • New activity type in Action Log – PublicStore. Viewed Url
  • Admin panel: Changes in the product edit
  • Admin panel: Allow editing of specification attribute on the product page
  • Admin panel: Blog and news list
  • Admin panel: Minor changes in import resources
  • New setting: Limit of featured products
  • New setting: Deactivating gift cards when deleting an order
  • Increase performance: Categories in top menu and category navigation block can use the same model
  • Increase performance: Optimalization for images
  • Increase performance: Save settings in panel administration
  • Increase performance: Orders
  • Increase performance: Changes in MongoDB indexes
  • Increase performance: Recently viewed products moved to database from cache
  • Increase performance: Removed unused controllers
  • Increase performance: The speed of loading agents was increased and memory usage was reduced
  • Enable TLS 1.2 support for entire application

Bug fixes:

  • Show images on wishlist
  • Counter for digital downloads
  • History of send emails in Mailing Campaigns
  • Vendors should not see product of other vendors in PDF Invoices
  • Action type „Login” shows log Customer: „null” in Action Log
  • Discount validation in order
  • Reminder level view
  • Appearance of levels in Customer Reminders history
  • Clear cache after delete manufacturer
  • Fixed problem with Picture Size (ValidatePicture)
  • Fixed problem with PayPal Direct
  • Fixed problem – GenericAttributes in customer action event
  • Fixed problem with Addres validation
  • Fixed problem with save checkout attributes
  • Fixed problem with Filtering by attributes
  • Fixed problem with deleted discounts
  • Fixed problem with deleted picture on the product
  • Fixed problem with Current Shopping cart after upgrade MongoDB library
  • Fixed Autofac warnings
  • Fixed Birthday Task in Customer Reminder
  • Minor text fixes

GrandNode 3.80

Highlight features and changes

  • New design of admin panel – totally new admin area, responsive, modern and fresh.
  • Customer Reminder – You will be able to set many automatic emails which will send to your customers after specified action. For example when customers often leave their shopping carts without purchase, you can make e-mails which will be send to all abandoned cart. (More on our blog)
  • Customer Actions – You can choose 5 different customer actions - for example - Add to cart, Add order, Viewed. Your next step is to determine which action conditions must be met to make specified reaction. Type of reactions in this feature:
    Banner – Store automatically view banner which is assigned to a particular action.
    Email – Store automatically send email to customer, who made particular action.
    Assign to customer role – Store automatically assign customer to specified customer role.
    Assign to customer tag – Store automatically assign customer to specified customer tag. (More on our blog)

  • Add FluentScheduler to the project – In GrandNode 3.80 you will be able to select time interval when Scheduled Task should run. You can select time interval (Every minutes, Every hours, Every days, Every weeks, Every months)

  • Cumulative discounts – In the process of creating discount you can select which discount should be cumulative and which shouldn’t be.

  • New way to create IDs in store – for the purposes of MongoDB we have to change way of creating IDs of products, customers, orders. Results are better performance and security of GrandNode

  • Google Analytics integration on dashboards – we’ve decided to implement many reports and statistics coming from Google Analytics. We know that it’s very important thing for every store owners. New reports available on dashboard (All traffic, Exit pages, Devices, Localization)
    Now on dashboard you can also select a range of dates from which reports should be generated


  • Improved campaign module
  • Payment method limitation to Shipping Method
  • Shipping Method limitation to Customer Role
  • Payment method limitation to Customer Role
  • Sort product by bestsellers, most viewed products and on sale products
  • Free shipping in next purchase
  • Product reviews per store
  • Conditional checkout attributes
  • Add tags to customers
  • Advance search by vendors
  • Import/Export category and manufacturer from XLS/to XLS
  • “Ask question” on product card
  • ACL for checkout attributes, news
  • Units of products
  • Possibility to choose color of delivery date
  • Stats in product list
  • Improved Activity Log
  • Captcha 2.0
  • Product importing. Store owner can skip some product properties, which are not required
  • New product attributes – image squares
  • Store owner can change logo from admin panel
  • to detect search crawlers.
  • Improved customer profile – backend
  • Allow a store owner to specify whether a product is returnable or not
  • Changed functionality of returns – now customer can make the amount of refunds equal to the amount of the ordered products
  • Changed “in-store pickup” support
  • Allow store owner to set specified send time to campaigns (message templates)
  • Allow customers to edit wishlist items (same as in shopping cart)
  • Message Tokens for social network pages are added
  • Forums became responsive
  • Checkout attribute assigned to customer role with condition
  • Performance. Faster caching
  • Performance. Optimization of product importing process
  • Developers. Updated third ¬party libraries to the latest version.
  • Developers. Web API client support. Special user who handles requests from the Web API plugin
  • Developers. Preparation of testing system

GrandNode 3.70

  • Full support for web farms and Windows Azure (multiple instances).
  • Conditional product attributes.
  • ACL (access control list) for topics.
  • Allow users to apply for vendor account in public store.
  • Allow a store owner to add notes to "Vendor" record. For example, this functionality can be used to record vendor payouts so that you always have you bookkeeping organized.
  • Added a setting indicating customers should see "discontinued" message when visiting details pages of unpublished products. For example, "Sorry - this product is no longer available" or "We're sorry but this product has been discontinued."
  • Significant performance and security enhancements.


  • Moneyconverter services discontinued its services. All exchange rates were set to 1 if you have it configured for autoupdate. We replaced it with a new plugin - ECB.
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files should be accessible when a store is closed.
  • Redeemed reward points were not restored when the order is canceled or deleted.
  • Facebook authentication plugin. Email wasn't returned when using the latest version of Facebook API.
  • Customers could not change language/currency/tax when navigation was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with picture duplications when importing products.
  • We used invalid Schema for product aggregate rating hen there were no any ratings.
  • We should update stock levels when editing order details in admin area.
  • Fixed an issue with "File upload" checkout attribute. When the customer uploaded a file then proceeded through checkout (but didn't finish) and went back to the shopping cart, the "uploaded file" was no longer there. The same issue was with editing of existing shopping cart item with "File upload" product attributes.
  • We should sort countries by localized names when they have the same display order.
  • We should sort states by localized names when they have the same display order.
  • Custom address attributes were not (re)filled when form validation gone wrong.
  • "OrderRefunded.CustomerNotification" message template was accidently removed in version 3.60 before release. Fixed.
  • We should delete previously used "Downloads" or "Sample Downloads" when uploading a new ones for a product.
  • Display order of topics was ignored in multi-store environment.
  • Shipments could not be deleted in some cases.
  • Australia Post plugin could not return shipping methods for some countries.
  • We should validate whether a country is published when choosing an existing address during checkout.
  • Pasted discount or gift card codes with surrounding whitespace didn't work.
  • Locale resource typo fixed. The title of the modal window for importing products says "Import from CSV" while in reality it will only accept Excel files.
  • Abbreviation for "Yukon" (Canada) should be "YT".
  • We validated wrong permission when changing password of email accounts.

GrandNode 3.60

Project started with all nopCommerce features but on MongoDB database system. 

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