eBay integration connects your GrandNode store with eBay Marketplace. Import your orders, update orders status and stock. Import products from eBay to GrandNode. Save your time and integrate GrandNode with eBay in a few steps! It's the best plugin which allows you to start selling on additional channel of sales. 

List of features:

- Category mapping

- Product details publishing to eBay (as an auction)

- eBay general settings
      - Default language in eBay
      - Return Policy
      - Shipping methods and costs (only flat shipping and not international)
      - Payment methods definitions
- Orders importing (in time intervals)
- Order status updating
- Stock quantity updating (in time intervals)
- Multi-images (more than one image)
- Attributes for product
- Send item / Revise Item / Relist Item / End Item

- Support for categories your own eBayStore (mapping)
- Default Settings for product
      - eBay price (as percentage)
      - Option: Send dimension
      - Default Handling Time
      - Default listingType
      - Default condition
      - Default Duration
      - Default BoldTitle
      - Default Highlight
      - Default BestOffer
- Import products from eBay to GrandNode

- Mass export products (not to be confused with bulk upload data to eBay)

- Template for description
- Product attributes and combinations created during importing from eBay

CDN is not supported. eBay require to send images from this same server as requests. 

eBay is copyright eBay Inc.

Wspierane wersje: 4.60 , 4.70 , 4.80 , 4.90 , v2-1.0
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