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Build the competitive advantage through a mobile solution

Remove shopping barriers in your customers' stores and deliver an amazing mobile experience for their customers. 

57% of internet users say they won't recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile

The times when a responsive online store was enough are gone. According to statistics, over 85% of people expect a store visited online on a computer to be just as good, or even better on mobile devices. This means that your customer expects to receive something more than a responsive store. This type of behavior shows that it expects to use a native mobile application that uses interfaces and offers the same experience as when using the phone. A phone is already an inseparable tool of every person, the time spent in front of the screen has subconsciously created specific requirements in the users and our task is to provide a product that meets these requirements.

This goal can be delivered by our mobile app solution. Cross-platform mobile application, designed to work in accordance with the device interfaces.

Cross-platform development is an approach to build one mobile application for different operating systems, in our case, it's Android and iOS. In opposition to cross-platform development, you will find native development, in a nutshell, building separate applications for every system. 

Help your customers achieve their business goals with mobile app development 

Every retailer has to deliver a high sale and conversion. As a developer, it is your job to provide the tools that will allow them to achieve even better results. As statistics showIn 2020, U.S. mobile retail revenues are expected to amount to 339.03 billion $, up from 207.15 billion $ in 2018. It clearly shows that mobile e-commerce is a valuable piece of business to conquer. Mobile applications for e-commerce are still treated as exclusive products reserved for brands such as Amazon, Zalando, or IKEA. Nothing could be more wrong, we provide ready-made solutions that work, give the possibility of a real increase in sales immediately, in a package that, once bought, allows you to create an unlimited number of applications for many customers. In addition to the real increase in sales in your customers' stores, the mobile application provided with source codes allows you to speed up your work on development while increasing your profits and portfolio. Stop working from scratch, use the ready product to create personalized mobile applications.

Increase the brand exposure

Visibility on marketplaces like AppStore or Google Play store presents your company in a better light. For many customers, including those who purchase in your customers' store, the mobile application is still something exclusive, and having it makes your customers market leader. Mobile applications, what is obvious, also allow you to help your customers appear on the mobile market.

Thanks to the mobile application, you will be able to improve your business in terms of image, marketing, and sales. Thanks to this, since today you can satisfy your customers with complete development. A fully functional, advanced online store as well as a functional mobile application.

Build intuitive, ease-to-use mobile apps that attract users

GrandNode Mobile app is a customizable public store solution for your e-commerce software. You have a profitable online store and you are wondering how can you gain more? It's simple. Go mobile. As statistics show, users spend twice as much time on mobile than on the web.

Have you ever thought about why it's worth having a mobile app? It's time to break away from the boring online stores with pseudo mobile, responsive pages. In the case of mobile apps and e-commerce solutions, you can definitely rule on us.  

All products, categories, manufacturers, customers are synced with the website data. What does it mean for you? You don’t need a different admin panel, just only one GrandNode installation and that’s all. 

Get it on Google Play Get it on Google Play

What is important? This app works! You can download it from AppStore and Play Store. With this mobile app, you increase the accessibility of your store, remember about that! Below you will find the most crucial features of GrandNode mobile app.

Advantages of the GrandNode native mobile app:
1. Efficient
2. Fast and responsive
3. Easy expansion of functionality
4. Better accessibility
5. Match UI/UX to platform conventions
6. Last but not least – Safety is the key

How much does it cost to build a mobile application?

It's the most important questionwhich you probably receive from your customers. And there is no clear answer to this question. One application will cost $25,000 and the other can cost $200,000.This process is very complex and time-consuming. The fact is that if the customer wants to hire mobile app developers, he will pay $25,000 for simple appsThat's our point. 

The ready-to-use cross-platform mobile app delivered with source codeAn invaluable tool in the hands of any company specializing in the implementation of e-commerce projectsThe default application allows for immediate publish in Apple and Google Play stores, and the source code gives unlimited possibilities in personalizing the application.



Please note that the mobile app comes with the source code, 1 year update, multi domain license and it's available within 24 hours after purchase.

Supported versions: 4.60 , 4.70 , 4.80
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