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Breakdowns, faults are crucial for your e-commerce. It’s a very stressful situation for every entrepreneur, our competent specialists are here to take care of your business. We offer qualified support to guarantee you peace of mind. Enjoy a guaranteed response time, talk directly with our core team specialists, and watch how your business is growing.

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  • Hours
  • Valid for
  • Response time
  • Backward security support
  • Code, performance review
  • Live communication
  • Direct support
  • Addons & Themes Installation
  • Excel Catalog Import


  • 4
  • 3 months
  • 72h (3 working days)


  • 8
  • 6 month
  • 48h (2 working days)


  • 16
  • 1 year
  • 24h (1 working day)
Backward security support

According to the lot of changes that we make in each GrandNode version, it’s recommended to update it regularly. However, if you are not able to do that, our core team is able to provide the security updates to your version of GrandNode.

Code, performance review

With access to our core team, we are able to provide the periodical code review (per your plan’s support hours) of your store. It can be a performance audit, e-commerce audit, and code review to ensure that the programmer best practices are followed in your store.

Live communication (video)

One of the benefits is direct, live access to the core team. Our specialists are able to connect with you via Microsoft Teams to provide the best support experience. (During our office working hours without holidays)

Direct support by the core team

Any kind of support provided by our core team specialists. As GrandNode is open-source software, our main channel of support is a community forum. Change it with premium support and get support directly by e-mail.

Addons & Themes Installation and configuration

Onboarding help provided by our specialist. Help with the installation process and configuration of plugins made by the GrandNode Team. Please note that we are not able to configure the 3rd party plugins and integrations.

Catalog Excel Import

Our team is ready to help you migrate your catalog from the current store to the GrandNode. Export data from your current store, prepare a stylesheet according to the examples that we give you and wait for the finished migration process.

Excluded from premium support

Below you can find important things that are excluded from premium support packages:

  • - Develop/beta versions
  • - Support on a solution whose source code has been changed by the customer
  • - Custom development
  • - 3rd Party API's analysis and development
  • - User trainings
  • - Store migration
  • - Store upgrade
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