In recent months, more and more popular is Real-Time Marketing. This strategy is based on the activities carried out to date - for the duration of the event. Real-Time Marketing responds in real time to current events and the behavior of potential customers. Using social media, companies can be all the time in contact with customers. Real-Time Marketing gives the company a chance to gain popularity by the intelligent, quick and adequate actions on the Internet. The most important thing in real time marketing is newsjacking - create attention-grabbing content referring to current events.

The best examples of perfect real time marketing adverts:

- Netflix

During the World Cup there was an incident where Luis Suarez bite his opponent. Perfect and hit the target which may boast netflix who in the social network posted the following information:

- Kit Kat

They conquered theirs retweet record struck a post. Laughing with the advertised flexibility of iPhone 6. Tweet below:

GrandNode is the best e-commerce solution which care about real time marketing. You can interact with the clients, their current activities. Show them the products only those they are interested in. Show banners to advertise the products which they want to buy, eliminating the chance for failure advertising.

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