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      Premium Themes

      Podbij świat dzięki uniwersalnemu motywowi dla GrandNode. Szablon Froggy, to responsywny, wysokiej wydajności i wysoce konwertujący szablon oparty o Bootstrap zaprojektowany przez nasz zespół. Można go łatwo dostosować w sklepach internetowych z każdej branży.
      Let's rock the world with multi purpose, attractive and interactive theme for GrandNode. Sport Theme, is the responsive, high performance and interactive Bootstrap Theme designed by our team. It can be easily adapted in online stores from each industry. But mostly it would fit in the apparel stores and stores from sport industry.
      The current situation forces us to take many radical actions. One of them may be opening an online store. Even if you own a grocery store, just do it! And everything will be easier with the new Food Theme.
      Minimal is a versatile theme that will make any store look glamorous. Minimalism is trendy now. No overwhelming elements, elegant and stylish design. The Minimal theme is the first of our themes fully based on Vue.js.
      Watches is a versatile, elegant theme designed for stores with jewelry, watches, accessories, luxury items. As in Minimal theme - minimalism is a key, no overwhelming elements, elegant and stylish design. The watches theme is another theme fully based on Vue.js.
      Medical is a multipurpose GrandNode theme for nutritionists, diet, healthy and medical websites. So, what's the main benefit, and why purchasing this product? You receive a complete, highly advanced VueJS-based theme that will improve your store appearance in seconds! Ready to use right after purchase!
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      Payment methods

      Integrate your store with PayPal Payments Express Checkout. Important thing in the store is to offer many kinds of payment methods. You can't limit your customer into one payment method.
      GrandNode payment plugin for integration with Klarna Checkout and Klarna Payments. When your customers want to purchase goods in your store, they will see Klarna button in shopping cart. They will be redirected to special checkout page with filled addresses. Or in the Klarna Payments, they will see a proper checkout step in GrandNode checkout.
      Skrill payment plugin. This plugin allows you to integrate store with the Skrill payment gateway.
      Square payment plugin. This plugin allows you to integrate store with the Square payment gateway, credit card processing.
      Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use our software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.
      Bezpośrednia metoda płatności umożliwiająca oferowanie korzystanie z usługi Płać z Amazon. Klienci, którzy posiadają konto Amazon mogą dokonać realizacji zamówienia automatycznie, wypełniając zamówienie bezpośrednio za pomocą danych zapisanych w Amazon.
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      Shipping methods

      Generowanie listów przewozowych Fedex dla GrandNode. Prosty widżet, który umożliwia tworzenie listów przewozowych dla Fedex za pomocą jednego kliknięcia.
      Print labels for UPS easily. Save your time and generate packing slips to shipment just with one click. Many possibilities of services.
      GrandNode Shipping plugin for Fedex
      The most popular shipping method for online stores. Add inPost Lockers Shipping Method to your nopCommerce store.
      ShipStation shipping plugin which allows you to integrate your GrandNode store with ShipStation.
      UPS Real Time shipping calculations for GrandNode plugin. It gives you possibility to calculate shipping costs live during the checkout process.
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      eBay integration connects your GrandNode store with eBay Marketplace. Import your orders, update orders status and stock. Import products from eBay to GrandNode. Save your time and integrate GrandNode with eBay in a few steps!
      Oszczędź swój cenny czas i zintegruj swój sklep GrandNode z Amazon Marketplace Web Service. To nigdy nie było tak łatwe. Integracja została stworzona w taki sposób, by była kompatybilna ze wszystkimi kategoriami, które istnieją w Amazon.
      The fast and scalable search engine has been connected with the fast and most advanced e-commerce platform. Take benefits from GrandNode and ElasticSearch integration. ElasticSearch Connector for GrandNode brings many new features that will reduce the 0 results when users make typos or misspell.
      Out of the box, GrandNode enables you to give third-party tools access to your store database. By default, GrandNode gives you the possibility to interact with almost every part of the backend of your store.
      GrandNode - SAP Business One integration is provided as a standalone executable/service. Integrate your GrandNode with one of the most popular ERP systems - SAP Business One.
      Webhooks plugin is a perfect tool to optimize your store. The main purpose of the Webhook Plugin is to update events regularly and then continue to send a notification to the selected URL.
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      Wtyczka GrandNode do dynamicznego filtrowania produktów według konkretnych kryteriów i bez ponownego ładowania całej strony. Moduł filtrów Ajax dla GrandNode umożliwia także filtrowanie z warunkami LUB (or) oraz I (and). Nasz moduł filtrów ajax usprawni każdy sklep. Zaskocz odwiedzających i zwiększ użyteczność swojej strony!
      Improved One Page Checkout for GrandNode. This plugin allows you to simplify checkout process in your store. With the Extended One Page Checkout plugin, you are able to combine all steps from checkout into one, simple step. It's crucial to shorten the way of order creation in your store.
      Using GrandNode default template may be efficient, but for a longer time it can be boring. How can we stand out of the competition? Basically, create your own, personalized theme. Daily fixes and modifications will be easier than ever. Check out this huge time saver.
      Plugin which allows to choose independent shipping method for each product coming from different vendor.
      A GrandNode plugin to import product attributes, attributes combinations, specification attributes. It's a great extension to improve the "Import Products" functionality. It's also the must-have plugin in the store migration. If you ever wanted to migrate your current e-commerce to GrandNode, with this plugin it will be much easier!
      Multi platform mobile app for GrandNode. Designed for iOS and Android. Native app tailored for your e-commerce. No technical experience needed to run fully functional mobile app.
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      Language packs

      Polish Language Pack for GrandNode
      Francuska paczka językowa
      German Language Pack for GrandNode v2 1.0.0
      Spanish Language Pack for GrandNode
      Turkish Language Pack for GrandNode
      Angielska paczka językowa
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